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Hawai’i Health Plans Should Be Responsive. Here’s What To Look For

Written by Kim Soares on November 25, 2015. Posted in Healthcare

To the uninitiated, navigating the world of healthcare can sometimes feel like wandering through a labyrinth of paperwork, complicated medical jargon and red tape. If that sounds like a pain, consider the fact that you probably wouldn’t be seeking healthcare if you were feeling 100%.

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The Benefits of Strategic Wellness (vs. Companies Trying to Do It Themselves)

Written by Kim Soares on November 23, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

Do you need an external party to steer your workplace wellness initiative? Many companies are well-equipped to benefit from wellness initiatives, but researching, designing, and implementing wellness programming that actually works for the organization is a complex and resource-heavy challenge.

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Save Time and Money with Extended Fill Medication

Written by Kim Soares on September 22, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

When some of us think about health care, the words "simplicity," "convenience" and "great value" are not usually the first things that come to mind. But when you take daily prescription medications, they should be. And they can be.

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What “Physician Founded” Means and How it Benefits UHA Members

Written by Kim Soares on September 02, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

You may have heard that UHA Health Insurance is the only physician-founded health plan in Hawai’i, but what does that mean? And how does it benefit our members?

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Health Insurance Hawai’i: Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan for Your Company

Written by Kim Soares on August 17, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a health insurance plan, including benefits, costs and size of the physician network. When your company is in the process of comparing and selecting the health insurance plan that best meets the needs of your company and employees, there...

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