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Outdoor Work Outs You Can Do On Your Own (Or With Friends!)

Written by Erica Kolcz on September 16, 2015. Posted in Activity & Exercise, Featured2, Post

Four walls are not required for a great workout. So if you’ve been feeling like you’ve fallen in a bit of a rut, consider this your wake-up call to switch things up and get outside! The best part is, while many activities are fun with a crowd, you don’t need a big group to enjoy outdoor activity – there are tons of options for those who prefer more private or independent pursuits.

Next time you feel like embracing the fresh air and stretching your muscles, but want to work out according to your own pace or schedule, try one of these activities:

Take a Dip

Swimming is a low-impact whole-body workout that provides great cardiovascular benefits without taxing your joints. To make the most of your time in the water, alternate high-intensity laps or bursts with slower recovery intervals. Fighting the ocean current and waves adds an extra level of challenge, so opt for the ocean instead of the pool if you’re looking to push yourself.

Surfing and Stand Up Paddling

If you strive for more balance in your life, try adding surfing to your exercise routine. It helps to develop muscle strength and balance. If surfing seems too intimidating at first, practice with a stand-up-paddleboard – you’ll get many of the same benefits without the intensity.

Take Your Circuit-Training on a Field Trip

There’s no need to abandon a workout you love to enjoy the outdoors – just take it outside! You can easily use benches for push-ups. Those stretches and circuits you do on the gym floor? Do them in the fresh air! (Bonus: if there’s a nice park nearby, you can use the monkey bars and balance beams as your equipment for a dose of nostalgia with your workout!).

Exercising outdoors gives you all of the benefits of exercise, plus the relaxation and reinvigoration of being in and around nature. Remember that being outdoors requires sun protection and adequate hydration though, so be sure to apply SPF and bring enough water to keep you healthy in the sun.

Erica Kolcz

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