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Top 5 Healthy Island Activities to Do with Your Team

Written by Kim Soares on December 01, 2014. Posted in Activity & Exercise, Post

From surfing and swimming to mountain hikes and rock climbing, when it comes to staying fit, Hawai'i offers no shortage of island activities that are as healthy as they are fun. So it likely comes as no surprise that our Aloha State consistently ranks in the top ten cities in the country in terms of happiness, activity levels and overall health. There’s just something about the fresh ocean air and the warm sunshine that makes it easy to stay motivated about getting fit!

So if you’re looking for something challenging that will push your team to new heights, or a restorative activity that will help everyone relax and find their center, try one of these activities and see how easy it can be for your team to grow healthier together:

1. Healing Energy

Sometimes, the most beneficial activity to do with your work team is to take a little bit of time for yourselves. Bring in an instructor for a weekly pre-work yoga or tai-chi program, for example, and help everyone start the A.M. right. Even decidedly non-morning people will benefit from some calming vinyasa to get their energy flowing before a big meeting or presentation.

2. Outdoor Activities

Getting active outside has the added bonus of providing a healthy dose of Vitamin D – a vitamin whose deficiency has been linked to depression and obesity (among others). An easy way to embrace the fresh air together could be to start a morning or after-work running club. If your colleagues love swimming, why not learn to surf or paddle-board together? Or, if you’re looking for something new and challenging, look into group rock climbing lessons. Either way, you’ll have such a great time together that you’ll forget you’re exercising!

3. Learn to Hula Dance

Hula is another healthy activity that is enriching on multiple levels – it’s fun, it relieves stress, and it’s also a great low-impact workout. Hula is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, making it a great choice even for groups with more diverse interests and skill-levels. Plus, with all the new steps and movements to memorize, learning to hula also provides a great workout for your brain! Bonus: if the weather is nice, take your classes outside to get some fresh air and enjoy nature as you "ami and uwehe."

4. Pamper the Team

When it comes to team-building, few activities bring people together quite like pampering! Treat your team to spa treatments, like a traditional Lomilomi massage or a soothing salt ritual experience, to help everyone unwind and decompress both mind and body. In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, massage can be helpful for cultivating a sense of empowerment and connection with others. So let your work cares melt away, and emerge refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!

5. Corporate Retreats

An immersive wellness retreat is a great option for groups that really want to get away from it all and focus on professional development. It can be difficult for many of us to completely disconnect when we’re still focused on after-work needs and upcoming tasks or deadlines. By freeing your team from their normal work-environment, and retreating to somewhere new, you provide a chance for everyone to let go of their regular concerns for a while, and to focus on improving your well-being together.

Our islands offer a wide assortment of resources for all ages and fitness levels, making it easy to find great group activities to suit any crowd. Try something new with your team today, and discover how easy, enjoyable, and enriching group activities can be, on both personal and professional levels.

Kim Soares

VP of Business Development

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