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Workplace Fitness Meets “Little Joe”: Lex Brodie’s Caveman Fit Club

Written by Valerie Davison on February 20, 2015. Posted in Activity & Exercise

Workplace wellness programs are on the rise; in a recent study, 79% of employers say that wellness programs are an important part of their overall business strategy. But if the thought of offering new wellness resources overwhelms you, don’t feel discouraged. Offering healthy benefits doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive. There are simple ways to incorporate wellness in your workplace using resources you already have at your disposal: and that’s what this case study is all about.

The Lex Brodie’s Case Study: Transform Unused Space

When Lex Brodie’s auto repair reconfigured their Queen Street location, president Scott Williams decided to transform resulting unused space into their very own wellness zone. Because Lex Brodie’s mascot is “Little Joe” the caveman, they dubbed their new space the “Caveman Fit Club.

Lex Brodie's Caveman Fit Club

But at its heart, the Caveman Fit Club embodies a wellness solution any business could implement: it’s a back-to-basics, cost-effective fitness area for employees that made use of the space the organization already had. The new area includes a half-basketball court, treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, heavy punching bag, and television. Staff from all of their five locations can use the 2400-ft space – making it easier and more convenient to fit in an exercise session before work, during their lunch break, or even after work rather than sitting in traffic.

Even if you don’t have the room or the budget for a full set of equipment, you can still offer your employees the same benefits on a smaller scale. Any extra room can be transformed into a cozy yoga space or meditation oasis by adding some $20 mats and privacy curtains, for example. There are also many effective cardio and strength training options that require very little space and equipment – like jump rope, resistance exercises, and free weight workouts.

No Space? No Problem! The Caveman Way Keeps it Simple

When it comes to wellness, even small changes can make a big difference. Circulate information about at-desk exercises that office staff can do to keep their muscles limber and their minds engaged. Your own version of the Caveman Fit Club can be to encourage (and remind) employees to take short breaks to go for a walk or stretch their legs at regular intervals; it’s all about reallocating the resources you already have toward a healthier lifestyle for your staff.

You can also implement a team fitness program and schedule group workout sessions at a nearby gym or studio, where you can use someone else’s space for exercising. There are many simple strategies that help promote healthier work habits and activity levels without requiring any additional at-work space or equipment.

Need Support? Take Advantage of Custom Wellness Programs

Don’t have the time or expertise to design an effective employee wellness program? Contact UHA’s Worksite Wellness department at 808-532-2156 or email worksitewellness@uhahealth.com for a complimentary wellness consultation. Whether your goal is to address specific issues (like smoking cessation or stress reduction), or to promote overall health and wellness, custom programming can offer the resources and support that your team needs to make positive, concrete lifestyle changes – and to sustain their progress.

Before the Caveman Fit Club, that’s exactly what the staff at Lex Brodie’s did. In 2013, three Lex Brodie’s employees participated in UHA’s “Biggest Loser” campaign, which encouraged employees of local companies to make healthy life changes. Over a three-month period, participants lost a combined total of 73lbs. Participating in a program like this allows your team to benefit from the nutritional and fitness expertise (and facilities) of a third-party, while equipping them with everything they need to make the changes stick.

Incorporating wellness in the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated: just look at how Lex Brodie’s has incorporated simple, budget-friendly wellness options for their staff. Offering even basic supports and resources can have a tremendous positive impact on your employees by showing that you prioritize their health and well-being. And when you’re ready to take the next step, custom wellness programming can offer a comprehensive support system to accelerate progress and keep that momentum going.

Photo credits: Walter Kinoshita, UHA

Valerie Davison

Workplace Wellness Manager; Vice Chair, Hawaii Health at Work Alliance (HH@WA) Board of Directors

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