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Comparing Health Insurance Providers? Discover What Smart Employers Look For When Making Their Selection

Written by Kim Soares on May 20, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

There are many important factors to consider when selecting a health insurance company – cost, availability, selection, coverage…. Ultimately, the partnership you choose affects not only employees’ health coverage, but also your workplace’s overall culture of wellness.

Many HR teams and executives find it helpful to discuss their options with someone who has gone through the process before, to learn what considerations and priorities guide their decision-making. While the overall goal is a healthy workplace, the motivation to get there can vary from company to company. Here’s what a few local companies looked for in their selection process.

Alan Wong Restaurants

Caring for our employees is one of our top priorities,” said Alan Wong, President and Owner of the restaurant group. Reliable and easy-to-reach customer service are among the biggest qualities he values in his company’s health insurance relationship.

Why? “It makes it easy for us as employers to provide for our staff.” That makes it possible to spend less time worrying about the nuts & bolts of health care, and more time focusing on what makes his business – and his team – strong.

Lex Brodie’s

Like Alan Wong’s, care and simplicity were top priorities for Lex Brodie’s. “Healthcare is becoming more complex, and we don’t have time to figure it all out,” explains President Scott Williams. They wanted a provider who would take the time to walk them through their health plan options and who would be proactive in presenting new initiatives and opportunities for their staff.

Another big factor was making it easy and convenient for employees to make healthy changes. They credit the healthcare support they receive with inspiring them to launch their very own at-work gym and fitness center – the Caveman Fit Club at their Queen Street location. Staff from any of their five locations can now access activity equipment for free, making it easy for them to fit in a workout before or after work.

For staff who benefit from a more structured approach to fitness, Lex Brodie’s chose a provider who also offers custom plans and programming built around their team’s specific needs. Doing so makes it easy for staff of all levels to feel included and supported in working towards their wellness goals.

Hawai’i News Now

For companies interested in a comprehensive approach to wellness, it’s important to find an insurance partner who can support employees in building healthier habits every day.

“When we had to select our health insurance for our Hawai’i News Now (KGMB-KHNL-KFVE) employees… [we wanted] affordable and comprehensive coverage plans that best suited the needs of our diverse workforce,” said Rick Blangiardi, General Manager.

Finding a company that was in sync with them was key for this forward-thinking group. Since they already had some programs in place, they wanted a provider who could help them build on the momentum they had already started, and keep it going strong by offering new and changing resources for staff with a wide range of priorities and concerns.

Companies with similar goals should look for an innovative health insurance provider who not only offers a wide range of wellness programing, but also various options for staff of different levels of engagement and commitment. This could include fitness assessments, disease management education classes, nutritional counselling, custom fitness programming, and/or newsletters.

Bowers + Kubota

Small and mid-sized companies usually don’t have much overlap between staff members’ roles and responsibilities. That means that when someone is sick, everyone else has to pitch in to cover the absence.

That’s a big part of why Dexter Kubota cites a proactive approach to health and wellness as the biggest motivator for their company’s choice. “As a leading engineering and architectural firm, it’s important that each of our 115 employees be in optimal health to offer our clients top quality service.”

They wanted a provider who offers extensive resources for illness prevention, not just treatment. They also wanted a partner who would collaborate with them in enhancing their culture of wellness – an endeavor so important to them that they made it one of their company's core values.

Building strong relationships and client partnerships is at the heart of UHA’s mission. We’re proud to be able to work collaboratively with local companies to offer innovative yet affordable health insurance and custom wellness programming to help create a more vibrant and healthy Hawai’i.

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