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What “Physician Founded” Means and How it Benefits UHA Members

Written by UHA Health Insurance on September 02, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post


Today, the team at UHA Health Insurance continues to fulfill the promises on which our company was founded.

We are Physician Founded

Our alliance has been steadfast with our members, their physicians, and their employers—all of us working together toward better health, better life.

Our plans are physician guided health plans that advance the health and wellbeing of the people of Hawaii to deliver fast, efficient and caring service to our members and their employers. We offer the highest-quality healthcare services at a competitive rate.



Our associates share what being a physician founded health insurer means to us and our members.

Recognizing that wellness and prevention are the cornerstones of good health, UHA helps members better their lives by bettering their health. We do this by providing benefits directed at maintaining health and preventing illness, and encouraging members to take advantage of them.

Comprehensive Coverage

Having physicians at its core means that UHA’s leadership is always considering what’s best for its network of members and health care providers. We offer comprehensive coverage including medical plans, prescription drug, vision, and dental riders with access to virtually all of Hawaii’s health care providers.

Expertise Within Reach

Because UHA maintains a physician guided health care team, members can also call anytime for guidance about both coverage and care. When in doubt, UHA physicians can review the recommendations you receive from your clinician to provide insight and options to discuss with your physician. That level of accessibility to local experts is virtually unparalleled in the insurance world, and goes a long way toward easing the anxiety of medical uncertainties.

Better Insight = Better Member and Employer Resources

Health and Wellness Programs—including smoking cessation, weight management, and disease-management resources—come from physicians’ insight into the value of preventive care, and the importance of equipping and empowering members to take control of their health.

A healthy, happy, productive workforce is not only a valuable business asset but also a source of satisfaction and pride. Few employers have the time, energy, expertise and resources to implement an employee wellness program.

At UHA we’ve invested much toward initiatives that can lead to a healthier, happier, more productive workforce. We’re always looking for new ways to achieve that goal. This is the reason we founded the Hawai'i Health at Work Alliance (HH@WA) — a UHA company. We are dedicated to bringing Hawaii employers together to build higher performing organizations. We help create effective and sustainable workplace wellness programs that lead to healthy lifestyle changes for Hawaii employees. There are more than 375 participating companies in the membership organization.

Recognized by Referrals

Understanding what both parties need makes it easier to provide the most effective—and efficient—coverage. That’s perhaps why the company’s first members came from peer referrals in the industry, and UHA continues to get many new members through physician referrals.

Having local physicians on board is reassuring to many members and employers, and is a tremendous asset for the whole UHA community. It’s a founding value that has appreciated with time, and a part of our identity that we have no plans of outgrowing.

The information provided in this article is for the year 2020.

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