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Wellness at Work Actually Works: Waikiki Health's Biggest Losers Shed Pounds

Written by Waikiki Health Marketing and Development Team on April 12, 2015. Posted in Well-Being

Our company wellness program was initiated by Waikiki Health’s CEO, Sheila Beckham, with collaboration from their agency dietitian, Yukiko Hunt.

Waikiki Health’s wellness at work initiative kicked off a 2015 “Biggest Loser” competition amongst the staff as a part of our “Waikiki Health Matters” internal wellness program and it proved to be a HUGE (in the very best way possible) success!

Eleven teams (of 55 employees) with two team employee mascots, were excited about the prospect of losing weight after the 2014 holidays and began by visualizing future-self body images. Team names were as varied as the members themselves with notable mentions including: Big Boned & Toned, Hold the Gravy, Jiggly Puffs, Half Ton Heavy Hitters, Team Taro and The Slimsons.

Month One: Craving Control, Zumba Classes & More

After the first month, it was clear that the program was going to be a success. The teams had collectively lost 128 pounds within that 30-day period.

The competition ran from January through March 30, with gift card incentives awarded at the end to the three top teams losing the most pounds. One-on-one counseling was provided by Hunt during the three-month contest to help participants increase their chances of success. They focused on methods to control cravings, healthy snacking tips, plus on-site Zumba classes at the health center’s annex building in Waikiki.

Staff members motivated each other with daily walks after work, weekly emails and also encouraged one another to eat well and participate in community events like the Great Aloha Run and the American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk.

Month Two & Three: The Results Speak For Themselves

By the end of the second month, the 11 teams had lost a total of 176 pounds...

On March 30, the first quarter wellness at work initiative ended with employees shedding a total of 217 pounds. The three top teams had lost a combined total of 137 pounds and 13.8% in body weight – not bad for 90 days of work.

Second Quarter: Healthy Living Beyond Weight

The second quarter of the Waikiki Health Matters wellness at work program started on April 1 and includes a smoking cessation competition, with collaborative assistance coming from our three in-house tobacco treatment specialists. The success of the Biggest Loser challenge revealed the amazing possibilities for well-supported wellness initiatives undertaken in community. When personal motivation is supported through counseling, education, incentives, and exercise integrated into the workweek, the results are evident. Waikiki Health has high hopes for its second quarter wellness initiatives.

Waikiki Health is a non-profit community health center providing compassionate and expert medical care, dental care and social services to everyone, regardless of ability to pay - across six locations in Honolulu.


Photo subjects: Our employees at the ADA Hawaii Step-Out Walk to Stop Diabetes

Hiromi Saito, Waikiki Health's Clinical Pharmacist (left)

Jason Espero, Waikiki Health's Director of Care-A-Van (off-center)

Liz Makarra, Waikiki Health's Development Manager/Senior Disaster Coordinator (right standing)

Kent Anderson, Waikiki Health's Director of Preventive Health (kneeling with daughter, Abby)

Waikiki Health Marketing and Development Team

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