Raise awareness to help prevent colon cancer.


Did you know that March is Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Awareness Month?

Taking the opportunity to get screened for this cancer is a serious and important duty to both yourself and your loved ones. Colon cancer is the third deadliest form of cancer and the third most common cancer affecting both men and women. Although one of the deadliest forms of cancer, it can be cured if caught early. Our Chief Medical Officer, George McPheeters, MD, FACS, gives a brief word on why early detection of colorectal cancer is key.

To help us raise awareness for this important cause during the month of March, we've enlisted the help of select high schools to create a public service announcement on talking to their loved ones about getting tested for colon cancer.

Video contest: "Duty Calls!"

Local high schools will be competing against each other in a video contest. YOU and a panel of judges will help decide the winners! There will be three awards: First place, Second place, and People's Choice—this is where you come in—and each winning team will get a donation toward their school's Audio/Visual program and a prize pack. Stay tuned on our Facebook page to view and vote on the entries, and on Tuesday, March 14, we'll announce the final winners.


Contest Details

Participants must produce 30-second videos to do the following: 1) educate fellow teens on Colorectal Cancer and the importance of Colorectal Cancer Screening, and 2) urge their parents/grandparents and other adults in their lives, ages 51-75, to get screened for Colorectal Cancer or by requesting a F.I.T. (Fecal Immunochemical Testing) kit as a UHA member. First and Second Place winners will be determined by a panel of judges, and the People's Choice winner will be determined by popular vote.

The Facts


According to the American Cancer Society:

  • Everyone is at risk for colon cancer, whether or not someone in your family has ever had a colon polyp or colon cancer
  • Colon cancer screening is one of the best opportunities to prevent cancer that’s ever [been] discovered
  • Colorectal Cancer is the third most common cancer as well as the third deadliest form of cancer in men and women in the U.S.
  • Screening by using a F.I.T. kit provides 55%-100% sensitivity for cancer.
  • If found and treated early, the 5-year survival rate is 90%!

For more facts and information about colon/colorectal cancer, check out the links below or visit the American Cancer Society's website.