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Improving Access, Improving Wellness –Why Your Healthcare is Moving Online

Written by Alan Saka on November 25, 2015. Posted in Healthcare


We’ve got great news: managing your healthcare needs is about to get a whole lot easier!

New technologies are reshaping the way that patients and physicians relate to healthcare – and it’s a huge step forward. Web-based resources and mobile apps are enabling insurance companies to improve access to health care information, and making it more convenient than ever for practitioners and patients to access the resources they need, where and when they need them.


Online Healthcare Makes It Easier To Find A Physician

Online directories and mobile apps are making it easier than ever for patients to find physicians and other service providers in their area. Online Member Services portals provide a search tool that allows patients to find a nearby service provider by island, city, zip code, specialty, provider name or organization. And with access to Hawai’i’s largest provider network - that means high-quality care is always close by.


Online Healthcare Makes Life Simpler

Health insurance apps and online member portals make it easier for individuals to find information they need about their health plan benefits and medical claims history without having to call their HR representative or insurance company. They can also view or print a copy of their medical ID card (eliminating the need to request and wait for a replacement), or have that information faxed or emailed directly to their provider. This empowers them with greater control over their health care processing needs. It also frees up healthcare and insurance support staff to assist individuals with more complex queries. The result is quicker, simpler, and more convenient access to information for everyone – and more effective healthcare management.


Online Healthcare Makes Processing More Convenient

Improved access and convenience are strong virtues on their own, but when they’re harnessed to reduce the processing work of HR teams and health clinics, they’re even better. This is great news for all stakeholders; by improving information-sharing and reducing turnaround time related to file transfers, the insurance companies, employers, and healthcare practitioners spend less time waiting and chasing down documents. Increased collaboration and improved communication mean better outcomes for everyone involved. Employers can access online enrollment, online billing, and payment services that help make everyone’s work easier.


Just as online banking made life simpler by improving access to the information you need, when and where you need it, moving healthcare to an online platform makes it easier to access the tools and resources needed for better health and wellness management. And when healthcare resources meet you where you are, on your schedule, we all win.

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