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Put Down the Doughnut: Quick Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Love

Written by Erica Kolcz on July 17, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Featured2, Post

The morning scramble can be hectic. Whether you’re trying to squeeze in an early workout or you’re throwing lunches together and shuttling kids to school, it’s tough to find time for a healthy breakfast. The available grab-and-go options might make life easier, but many are heavily processed and...

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Healthy Activities To Enjoy In the Great Outdoors This Summer

Written by Erica Kolcz on July 09, 2015. Posted in Activity & Exercise, Featured2, Post

Living in paradise, you cannot use “bad” weather as an excuse to not get outside. We may encounter an occasional rain shower, but even then we can drive to the other side of the island where the sun is shining.

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The Biggest Deterrent of Healthy Food Choices at Work--- It’s Not What You Think

Written by Valerie Au on July 09, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Featured2, Post


We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat” – but did you know that where and how you eat could also have a significant effect on the quality of your food choices and eating habits?

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Power Through Your Afternoon – Healthy Snacks for P.M. Productivity

Written by Erica Kolcz on July 09, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Featured2, Post

Between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., our workload rarely decreases. If only we could say the same for our energy levels…

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Why Customer Service Matters When Selecting a Health Insurance Company

Written by Kim Soares on June 23, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

When we, or someone we love, needs health care, often there’s more to it than just medical attention. Navigating the process of referrals and claims can be complicated, and sometimes that confusion feels like even more of a challenge than the illness itself. That’s why excellent, effective and...

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