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Build Workplace Wellness Initiatives That Employees Want to Use: 5 Steps to Establish a Culture of Wellness

Written by Valerie Au on June 08, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

You promote workplace wellness to provide your employees and their families the tools to live happy, healthy lives. It takes time and energy to design and build a culture of wellness. If you’re like most company leaders, you want a wellness program that will inspire your employees, so that they...

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No Time to Waste: Strategies for a Quick Workplace Wellness Implementation

Written by Valerie Au on June 05, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

Want a healthier workplace ASAP? Creating a culture of wellness may seem like a daunting, long-term task, but there are some relatively simple ways you can design and implement effective programming – even under time constraints. Follow these strategies to get your program up and running quickly.

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Comparing Health Insurance Providers? Discover What Smart Employers Look For When Making Their Selection

Written by UHA Health Insurance on May 20, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

There are many important factors to consider when selecting a health insurance company – cost, availability, selection, coverage…. Ultimately, the partnership you choose affects not only employees’ health coverage, but also your workplace’s overall culture of wellness.

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Written by UHA Health Insurance on May 16, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Prediabetes Hawaii

Prediabetes is a silent epidemic in Hawai'i—however, it's a condition that can be reversed with clear goals, and simple steps.

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Workplace Wellness: Eight Ways to Increase Employee Participation

Written by Emily Weaver on May 05, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

You offer a fantastic wellness program – but what if staff don’t participate? According to a Gallup poll, only 24% of employees use the programs offered by their companies. If you don’t feel that your team is getting the most out of your wellness programming, don’t give up! Luckily, there are a...

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