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Protein Shakes: The Good, Bad and Ugly On This To-Go Staple

Written by Erica Kolcz on March 12, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Featured2, Post

In a list of nutritionally convenient options for folks on the go, protein shakes have attracted much attention for their apparently cure-all virtues. Many people have adopted them as staples to their diets, and entire industries have taken shape around their promise. Protein shakes, some would...

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Healthy Snacks You Can Enjoy At Your Desk

Written by Linda Kalahiki on January 05, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Post

The monster generally visits around mid-afternoon, that time between your chicken salad lunch and your plans for a glorious end-of-day punctuation to your healthy dinner of fresh fish and quinoa. It’s at this time, just as the jolt of midday calories has subsided, that your thoughts inevitably...

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Water: Hydrating a Healthier Life

Written by Linda Kalahiki on November 26, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating, Post

It’s the most abundant substance on earth and in our bodies — laying claim to about 70 percent of the real estate — but it still remains an elusive afterthought for most of us until we’re thirsty.

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Ditch the Vending Machine and Try THIS Instead!

Written by Valerie Au on November 10, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating, Post

Many of us make a trip to the vending machine to satisfy a craving for something sweet. If this sounds like you, try setting aside some time to make one of these delicious DIY alternatives. They taste indulgent, so you can satisfy the craving without leaving a guilty after-taste.

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Holly, Jolly, Healthy: 9 Eating Strategies for Healthy Holidays

Written by Erica Kolcz on November 03, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating

The holidays are filled with opportunities to overindulge. Don’t start the New Year literally bursting at the seams: there is a way to enjoy the season and steer clear of food “danger zones” without bypassing the fun. Just follow these nine tips to make this year’s holidays your healthiest yet.

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