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The Grim Truth About Granola – and What to Snack On Instead

Written by Erica Kolcz on May 01, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating

We know what you’re thinking: “Granola is healthy!” Though we hate to be the bearers of bad news, trail mix does not belong at your desk - it belongs on the trails.

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Soda, Smoothies & Juice: Yummy or Crummy? (Part 2)

Written by Erica Kolcz on April 17, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating

Welcome back to part two of our series demystifying office workers on the benefits and risks of our typical beverages. While staying hydrated and enjoying something flavourful can help you through the work day, many of the drinks we examine are rife with sugars, high in calories, or otherwise...

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What’s In Your Cup? Separating Fact From Fiction On Your Favorite Drinks (Part 1)

Written by Howard Lee on April 16, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating

It can be hard enough to get out of bed on Monday morning, let alone to forgo your favourite creamy lattes. But what you absent-mindedly sip all day at the office can have a host of unexpected side effects that may be affecting your health, your moods and even the way you work. Below is part one...

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Party On! Office Birthday Treats That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

Written by Howard Lee on April 15, 2014. Posted in Healthy Eating, Post

Birthdays can create tricky situations for dieters. Sure, a little cake in moderation never hurt anyone, but if you or your officemates are making a concerted effort to eat healthier, lose weight and nix refined sugars and additives, that piece of cake presents quite the conundrum. Instead, why...

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