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Wellness at Work Actually Works: Waikiki Health's Biggest Losers Shed Pounds

Written by Waikiki Health Marketing and Development Team on April 12, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

Our company wellness program was initiated by Waikiki Health’s CEO, Sheila Beckham, with collaboration from their agency dietitian, Yukiko Hunt.

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Awards Salute Companies Committed to Employee Health

Written by Emily Weaver on March 24, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

We’ve all heard people lament that their job is killing them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say, instead, that our work is making us healthier?

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Pet Friendly Workplace: The Workplace of the Future?

Written by Linda Kalahiki on March 13, 2015. Posted in Well-Being, Featured2, Post

As pet owners know, animal companions are great for relieving stress and improving mood and energy levels – and what workplace couldn’t benefit from a boost in those areas? While offering this resource may prove challenging for organizations with many staff and diverse needs to consider, or...

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Protein Shakes: The Good, Bad and Ugly On This To-Go Staple

Written by Erica Kolcz on March 12, 2015. Posted in Healthy Eating, Featured2, Post

In a list of nutritionally convenient options for folks on the go, protein shakes have attracted much attention for their apparently cure-all virtues. Many people have adopted them as staples to their diets, and entire industries have taken shape around their promise. Protein shakes, some would...

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Choosing A Health Benefits Provider? Here’s Why Cost Shouldn’t Be Your First Consideration

Written by Kim Soares on February 27, 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Featured2, Post

Are you measuring the true cost of your insurance health benefits? There’s no denying that cost is a key consideration when comparing health plans. As with most important choices, though, it’s important to look beyond the bottom line to get the full picture. There are intangible benefits to...

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