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Celebrate Safely this Holiday Season

Written by Michael Story on December 10, 2020. Posted in Well-Being

'Tis the season for family reunions and friends to typically gather for the holidays. But this year will be different. We are facing a holiday season with escalating COVID-19 rates throughout the country and in our own communities. The reality is the pandemic is not fading during this...

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How Financial Stress Affects Your Health

Written by Workplace Wellness Team on October 27, 2017. Posted in Well-Being

We all know what stress is because we’ve all experienced it.

Maybe you’ve got a busy week at your job because a new computer system is being set up. Or, an unexpected home repair temporarily wreaks havoc on your household routine. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. These kind of stressors...

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Wellness Corner: How do I encourage wellness at my company?

Written by Valerie Davison on January 30, 2017. Posted in Well-Being

The workspace has a tremendous influence on our personal wellbeing. A healthy workspace influences our choices and habits. Good design has been proven to improve productivity and collaboration and elicit mental and physical reactions that positively impact physical health, emotional...

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Giving the Gift of Life

Written by Valerie Davison on January 25, 2017. Posted in Well-Being

Pictured: Blood donors Kelii, our Worksite Wellness Program Administrator and his wife, singer Maila Gibson.

The holidays are a season of giving. This past season, UHA participated in a 3-month wellness challenge against four other local companies. One of the goals was to reach out to our...

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Wellness That Works For Your Business

Written by Valerie Davison on March 15, 2016. Posted in Well-Being

Given that many employers in parts of the United States have implemented wellness programs or are planning to do so,  it would seem that the benefits of these programs is, in one sense, evident; employers know that they promote healthier habits and lifestyles, and thus provide their team members...

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Healthy Employees Cost You Less

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