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7 Tips For a Stress-Free Holiday

Written by UHA Health Insurance on December 05, 2014. Posted in Well-Being

For some folks, the holidays are a period of anxiety. With in-laws to shelter, turkeys to stuff, holiday parties to plan and children to endlessly entertain, the levities of the festive season can get heavy pretty quickly.

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BodyAge™ - Monitoring Your Employee’s Health and Progress

Written by Valerie Au on December 04, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

In a perfect world, people (and employees) participate in health promotion programs that support ongoing attention to physical fitness. Such interventions require initial testing at the beginning of the wellness initiative to establish both the individual participants’ and the overall company...

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Harness Workplace CHAMPIONS' Power To Meet Company Goals

Written by Valerie Au on December 03, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

Each person has the power to influence others, even if he or she doesn’t realize it, by the way they act and the things they say. Social scientists call the phenomenon “social contagion." How can your organization use social contagion to its advantage?

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Sustainable Gardening at the Office: Good for Your Mind and Body!

Written by UHA Health Insurance on December 01, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

Where’s the last place you’d imagine pulling a fresh carrot out of the ground? If you answered “the office,” you’re probably not alone. But for a growing number of Americans, that’s exactly where their next salad comes from. From stress-relief to improved problem-solving skills, sustainable...

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5 Tips To Capitalize On the Benefits Of Workplace Wellness

Written by Valerie Au on November 25, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

Aristotle once said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Believe it or not, this principle applies as much to workplace wellness as it does to Greek metaphysics. When some employees are in poor health, the whole of the organization suffers as a result. If everyone is happy and...

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