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Sleepless in Hawaii: Tips for Falling Asleep – and Staying There!

Written by Valerie Au on November 24, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

If you’ve ever experienced a bout of insomnia, you know how draining it can be to struggle through the day on little sleep. A full 6-8 hours is important for feeling rested and refreshed, for maintaining focus, and for staying on top of your game during the day. In other words, getting less than...

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Better Sleep Begins in the A.M.: Daytime Strategies for Improving Sleep

Written by Valerie Au on November 19, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

Getting a full night of sound sleep is important for so many reasons. As we all know, feeling well-rested is vital for performing at our best during the day. In fact, a recent study showed that getting the right amount of sleep is also a big factor in reducing work-absenteeism due to illness,...

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Is Financial Stress Weighing Down Your Team’s Performance?

Written by Darren Nakao on November 18, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

When it comes to stress, it’s likely no surprise that financial concerns are often at the top of the list of culprits. In the U.S., concerns about money, work, and the economy are consistently the most common sources of anxiety, with 21% of employees reporting “high” or “overwhelming” levels of...

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Is Your Bedroom Affecting Your Sleep? 5 Tips for Better Sleep

Written by Valerie Au on November 17, 2014. Posted in Well-Being, Post

When you think of your bedroom, do words evoking peace and serenity come to mind? If not, you may be missing out on a better night’s sleep! As it turns out, there are a handful of bedroom features – from wall color to room temperature – that can affect the quality of your sleep. So if you’re not...

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Who’s Causing You Stress? The Truth Might Surprise You

Written by UHA Health Insurance on March 05, 2014. Posted in Well-Being

American research has yet to catch up with the need for a greater understanding of stress: its causes, effects and how to prevent and resolve it. Yet, as the current literature stands, Dr. Mike Evans of the American Institute of Stress offers one tangible, practical solution for stress that each...

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